24 February 2008


A lot of folks who publish bullshit journals like this one like to let you know they have been at it for however long they have been at it. As if anybody gives a fuck.

Now it is my turn: this is my 666th turn on the Wheel of Misfortune known as the Dope City Free Press. To commemorate this minute moment of Canadian literary history I plan tomorrow to spend the whole day drinking, gambling and fucking. Come to think of it, I better get the fucking out of the way early.


Jon said...

Say, by the way, congratulations. I'm glad you have a funny screen name. It made me decide to check you out when I saw it at Doc 40. I think of you as someone whose thinking shall we say, ahem, parallels mine. We're not running on the same track, but we are heading in the same direction. Plus, you're a good writer. Your posts are one of life's small pleasures. A nice cup of tea, a favorite tune badly played on my ukulele and what does that guy up in Canada have to say for himself today? Life is good. Thanks.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I suppose we are all taking up instruments in the Pink Fairy Army band. I was wondering who was strumming the ukulele.

Jon said...

Do not fuk with no ukulele players:


This is the most punk rock thing since 'Where's Bill Grundy Now?'

I ain't seen him.