6 January 2008


I never thought I would see the day where I would watch the New York Rangers play three straight televised games. Do they suck a long bone or what? If they bookend their loss to the Canucks with another loss to a team from motherfucking Alberta they will have hit a new low for a franchise which has hit bottom more often than the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

After I finished cleaning up my cluttered, dusty, beer can strewn office as my part of the beginning of the Hockey house January spring cleaning the Hammer and I took off for a walk on the prairie. It was so windy the Hammer got blown right off the trail by a particularly strong gust. The gust lifted me off my feet a little too. I guess that is why the farmers on the prairie maintain such deathly beerguts - to keep their feet on the ground during the many such windstorms they withstand each winter.

Above us white swans aimed their beaks into the sou'wester. At times they were motionless in the blue and white sky as the wind scattered their cries to the frozen north. The swans are the beauty queens of the valley prairie.

I love the way the wind just about straightens out the Hammer's tail. She found the wind every bit as exhilarating as I. We were not home from our walk for long before she was hounding me to take her out again. I had just sat down on the couch with my first beer of the day when she poked her nose under my beer arm and flicked it and my beer into the air. Got beer all over my favourite hockey jersey. Like that has never happened before.

I took her back out after I cleaned up. Having a dog who wants me to take her out into conditions few people besides mailmen endure any more is one reason why I have a dog.

Get out of your fart filled house and get some fresh air motherfuckers.

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