11 January 2008


Ken Kesey, in "Sometimes A Great Notion", observed how the bars of coastal Oregon did their best business when the skies were black and the rain heavy. We had one of those kind of days here and I was out of beer so I visited my friendly liquor store when my shift was done. Lots of guys were doing the same thing as me. The wine, beer and liquor was flying off the shelves like in the days before dope conquered British Columbia like all you can eat buffets conquered America.

I had a flat of welfare beer under my arm when I noticed some Wild Honey Ale produced by the Nelson Brewing Company. The label says it is organic and there is a really stoned looking bee on the can.

The first sip hit all the buttons on my palate that tell me I have never tasted anything like this before. After that I just plain enjoyed it.

Go buy some and get yourself swacked.

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Batbitch said...

I've been searching for a Honey Lager I had once, but drank too much of to remember who made it.

Thanks for the tip on the Honey Ale. I'll give it a try. ;-)