30 January 2008

The Deads

I sure wish I kept a journal when I was younger. If I had, I would remember all the great bands I saw in Dope City. If I had, I might remember how many times I saw the greatest American rock 'n' roll band of my time.

I am pretty sure both DOA and the Subhumans played on the same night the band my friends and I called the Deads played the East End the first time. It was an all ages show which meant you did not have to keep an eye out for Igor, the doorman at the Bad Allah Cabaret.

Another time the Deads played a big night club downtown. Punk rock shows attended by more than a thousand people were always fun. I had a favourite bartender there, a bartender with a lot of experience. I ordered triple Johnny Walkers everywhere I went then. She filled my glass to the top. I ordered so many drinks from the bar I was probably the last person they thought was sneaking booze into the club to subsidize my habit.

That night, a Saturday (Do you remember the Saturday gigs? I don't.), Jello announced the band was going to do a show Sunday night at the Bad Allah. I was working a night shift at the sawmill on Monday so I got to go. About all I remember of that evening was Jello singing what would become known as "We've Got Bigger Problems Now" from a sturdy Bad Allah tabletop.

There was a show or two at a theatre on the Drive. Good ones too. But I do not remember.

Saw Jello sing a couple songs with DOA from the Last Scream of the Missing Neighbours record they made together. That was the first time I heard "Full Metal Jack Off," one of the very best rock songs ever made. I remember that show pretty good. I must have been on some sort of medication that prevented me from drinking my face off.

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