11 October 2007

What's On TV

There was a time I watched the news on tv every day for two hours. From 5 until 7 I sat there entranced by the motherfucking horror of the world. To balance the horror I smoked a lot of fucking dope and drank a lot of fucking beer; just like the people on the tv do when the cameras are not on them.

You probably laugh at the hick fuckers on your television standing outside what used to be their house before the tornado lifted most of it into the air and dropped it in a neighbouring state. I do not laugh at those hick fuckers, I relate. Those suddenly houseless folks smoked dope and drank beer after a cussed day at the mill just like me. The only difference between them and me was they went to church and prayed for shit that will never happen on Sundays and I had a union and they did not. (And my dope and beer was better than their's.)

It is hard to say what you think about the people on your television news nightly war story. The images we are permitted to see from far away wars are the tamest our corporate media can find. Usually all we get is the image of an explosion or just the smoky aftermath of one in the distance. We rarely see the wounded with an overwhelmed medic corralling his patient's spilled guts on what is left of his torso. More rarely yet do we see the rectal bleeding so commonly experienced by those too close to a large explosion. I relate to the people with the spilled guts and the rectal bleeding - those motherfuckers would much rather be smoking dope, having a beer and watching the smoke and the funhouse mirrors on tv in a safe Canadian home like mine.
I get most of my news from the radio now, like my grandma did when my grandpa was overseas kicking the ass of the Nazi scumbags we are so afraid to stand up to today. The news on the radio is not much different from what you hear on your steroid tv but radio is not the evilest drug television is - you can still think a little when you listen to the radio. I highly recommend it.

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