10 October 2007

Bruce Alexander

Take away the right to say "fuck" and you take away the right to say "fuck the government." - Lenny Bruce

In Canada we do not hold university professors in very high esteem like they do in Europe and places where they take book learning more seriously than we do. The Canadian phrase most often used to describe academics is "fucking jackasses."

I was listening to a fucking jackass on the radio today by the name of Bruce Alexander. Bruce is no ordinary fucking jackass, he is a fucking jackass emeritus up at the university they wanted to call Fraser when it was in its planning stages but the uptight motherfuckers did not want their school to be known as F.U. Bruce has a theory that drugs like heroin and coke are not addictive in and of themselves. He figures some people are just much more prone to addiction than others: you can put a pile of coke in front of a person with a life and they will not get addicted; put the same pile of Bolivian goodness in front of someone without a life and before long they are looking for another pile.

I think Bruce is full of jackass shit. The great majority of people are addicted or on their way to becoming addicted to one blissful substance or another. The drive to alter your consciousness is at the very bedrock of the notion of humanity. We just plain love getting shitfaced. As soon as we get finished getting shitfaced we are planning the next party. If people are not on the dope, they are on booze. If they are not on those two drugs they are on what we call the hard drugs. If they do not set up their tent in one of those three camps they are on prescription drugs.

The exceptions to the rule, Jehovah Witnesses and people who act like them, are more fucked up than the people who take every mind altering substance going. Drugs and addiction are not the problem - the problem is law and order.

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