21 September 2007

Loonie Uber Alles

My strike pay, in previous strikes divvied out in Canadian dollars weaker than Utah's beer, has now reached parity with the once cherished American dollar. The Canadian dollar has risen so fast that the rise in value of my strike pay in the last two months has exceeded the small rise I will pocket when the strike finally ends if my mill does not get shut down at the end of the strike by the spiteful, working class hating, fucking boss.

It will not be long before the American franchises in sports leagues like the National Hockey League start crying about not being able to compete for the services of talent who would much rather be paid in golden Canadian loonies than worthless American Jeffersons.

I wonder if old Osama bin Laden and his gaggle of bearded cave dwelling, hash smoking motherfuckers figured flying a couple airplanes into a couple buildings full of parasites would lead to the crumbling of the American currency and the destruction of the American way of life. You do not have to look too hard to see America is going down and it is not going down easy. That is what happens when you cut the key ingredient of Liberty out of the recipe for Democracy.

And that is why Canada looks so fucking great to investors at the moment. We are the new Switzerland, where smart Americans and others will be storing their gunny sacks of wealth. Just like the Nazis stored their's in Switzerland when they began to figure out that in the long run they were the ones who were going to get fucked but good.

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Gazetteer said...

Excuse me sir.

But can you please tell me where I can catch the next bus to Basel?