19 September 2007

Hockey Talk

Poops, Big Daddy, Rollie and I had our stormriders on today as summer gave way to fall on our Anarchist picket line. It was a quiet day except for when we jeered and gave the finger to a few scab foremen on their way to a day of doing nothing.

No one mentioned O.J. on the picket line today. But deep inside I am real pissed off at the crazy motherfucker for pushing all the great stewed Hollywood pussy off the front pages of the tabloids.

It is the last week of summer so all anybody wanted to talk about was hockey. Hockey will be a greater diversion than ever as our strike rolls into 2008.

Poops thinks he knows everything there is to know about hockey. "One of my relatives in Stockholm drove Naslund to the airport in his cab when he was headed back here to captain the Canucks to the Stanley Cup. I truly believe this is the year they are going to do it. The motherfucker did not even give my cousin a tip. All the cabbies in Dope City know about this now. The cheap Swedish cocksucker! Next time he hails a cab in the city he is going to get driven to Sliverville and be dropped off outside the Flaming O."

Rollie was feeling positive about the sad sack club's chances as well. "I hear a big trade is going to be made before the season even starts. I know the guy who delivers the morning paper to Nonis' place and he says Nonis has been working the phone every morning. My buddy says it is hard to hear what Nonis is saying from outside the house but he's pretty sure Ottawa and maybe the Lightning are looking to trade some big names."

Big Daddy has shared a set of season tickets with his dad for years and had this to say, "I've been fucking one of the Orca Bay secretaries steady all summer. She's not the best fuck but she's got a tongue like a killer whale. The cunt can't get enough me. She says the coach wants more Canadians and less fucking Swedes on the team. At least I think that's what she said, she was licking my sweaty balls when she told me."

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