8 August 2007

Sushi Night In Canada

My dad bought a new car. Of course it is a Ford. "I tell you Beer," he said in his old sargeant's growl, "I'd like to try another North American car besides Ford but all the Ford commercials I have watched on Hockey Night In Canada over the years have got me hooked for life. My God! I must have owned over ten of them by now."

"Fuck dad." I told the stubborn old bastard, "Just about everybody I know who watches hockey, which is just about everybody I know, drives a motherfucking rice burner now. Wayne Gretzky won't sneak through a window at night with his gambling mafia buddies and beat the fucking piss out of you for not buying a Ford."

"Fucking scab Japs. I'll buy one of their cars the day after I eat that poison they call sushi."

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