5 August 2007

New Neighbours

Met my new neighbours yesterday. They live below the hawks in the woods nearby. The Hammer met them too. She likes the homeless.

The new neighbours are quite a bit younger than I, a man and a woman. The guy was carrying the cans in a green garbage bag. They were on their way to the recycling depot.

The woman was real nice to the Hammer, petting her and telling her how pretty she was. The guy did not say anything. He did not seem real happy.

Another man approached us with his dog from the other direction as we made our way towards town. His dog was growling and pulling his master towards us like a grow-op dog that had not been fed in a while. The dog's owner said, "Don't worry. He's real friendly." My new neighbour looked at me and said, "That's what everybody says just before their dog starts lunching on your leg."

In town the Hammer and I visited my barber. There are a few businesses in town that let her inside. The Hammer sits and stares as my barber trims my hair. Today my barber said, "I bet if I slipped and cut your ear off the Hammer would do me in." I said, "Not if you asked her to sit and threw her the ear."

In the park on the way home we ran into my neighbour Ted with his dog Clink. As our dogs played I mentioned I had met the new neighbours. Ted said, "They live on the other side of the creek under a green tarp. It is really hard to see. I've talked with them too. The girl looks pretty hard used."

She did, but the two of them were in better shape than most of the homeless people I have seen in my life. I hope they make their way back to civilization after their time in the wilderness.

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