3 August 2007

Queen Worshipping Bastards

I drank and took drugs and smoked too much and didn't love Jesus.

- John Armstrong

I am about half done reading John Armstrong's "Wages." John was the Sliverville motherfucker who introduced me to Charles Bukowski shortly after the great American writer's long overdue death. Bukowski in turn interested me in gambling on the outcome of horse races. After years of practice at both I am more sure than ever the life of a gambler is for me and a life of work will be best appreciated when the working is over.

The book is worth its $21 cost if only for its descriptions of the heroically deranged people of Sliverville and Steepleton. i.e. A recent barrage of letters to my community newspapers' editorial pages have explained why the much anticipated flood did not materialize this past spring - the local Christian community sacrificed just enough animals and prayed just hard enough to have God aim the flood on the evil, Queen worshipping bastards in the middle of England.

Go buy John's book, buy yourself some beer and enjoy the long weekend.

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