2 August 2007

B.C. Coastal Strike Bulletin

The fractured nature of the far flung remnants of British Columbia's once mighty coastal forest industry has produced a twist in this year's set of labour negotiations - the successful conclusion of negotiations with the crew of an independent sawmill in Bridgeview. Bridgeview, for those of you Dope City motherfuckers who do not get out much, is the home of the world famous Turf Hotel (the best stripper bar in Canada), more bikers per acre than any place on Earth besides Sturgis in the height of summer and the rat capital of North America.

Now the company negotiators are going to have to slide their heads out of their asses long enough to have a look at the agreement which meets all the conditions the rest of us Steelworkers are striking about. My guess is the company negotiators will slide their heads right back up their asses and they will continue to pretend they are the bull in this dispute.

It is not the companies who are the bull of the woods any more - it is the motherfucking union. Merging with the Steelworkers is looking like a pretty good deal after all. All we are fighting for is our dignity, our safety, our fucking security and the chance to butt heads with all the forest companies left in the province two years from now.

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