12 August 2007

Price To Pay

You know what your problem is girly? You ain't got no faith in human nature. - James Cagney in Love Me or Leave Me
Used to be Sonja and I would take one of our succession of shit eating dogs for a long drive into the wild west many times each year. We do not do that any more. Having a car is not the key to Freedom it once was.

Today we closed our eyes and filled up the big black Cadillac with the whips, furs and cold Canadian beer in the back with our eyes closed a couple of times and raced through the mountains with the windows rolled down and our eyes open wide as Doris Day's.

You do not have to get far from the city to realize you live in the middle of a sore more pustulent than the growth on Bubba Ho-Tep's dick head. My guess is just about anybody can be convinced they are living in Paradise if they do not visit somewhere worthy of the name once in a while. Seems to me the best places on Earth are those furthest removed from the caustic influence of Commerce. Money may pay the bills but there is one fuck of price to pay for not being broke.

Your dog knows more about the life you ought to be living than you, you dumb motherfucker. Ask her about it the next time she is belly deep in a mountain stream in the mountains of British Columbia.

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