21 August 2007


Sonja and I visited the Candy Man the other day. Spotting a childhood favourite on the shelves of jarred sweeties I told the Candy Man, "I want all your Mojos." There were not many Mojos left in the jar.

Today I took three Mojos out of the bag and bit into the red one first. When I began to part my teeth I almost pulled one fuck of a lot of dental work out my mouth. I had forgotten how chewy a Mojo is. Then I softened the Mojo up a bit before I chewed it up and ate it. I think it was strawberry.

Next was the orange one. Yum.

Last was the yellow Mojo. I was expecting it to taste like lemon but it was my favourite Mojo flavour - banana.

There is more to life than beer motherfuckers. There's Mojo.

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jen said...

this i like a lot.