22 August 2007

Glen Breton

At long last I uncorked a bottle of Canada's first single malt whisky. It is called Glen Breton. It comes in box that looks and opens like a coffin. The goods inside the box lie in black silk the way a dead motherfucker might. This whisky costs just about as much a funeral too - $93.

My first several glasses were consumed as I usually take my whisky, after several beers and on ice with a splash of Canadian glacier water. It tasted good but it did not knock my wool socks off my feet the way a real good whisky should. But as the last glass of the evening slowly warmed up in my tanned hand it started to taste better.

The next day I did what I should have done the previous night. I poured myself a glass of straight Glen Breton. It was much, much better that way. If you are thinking of something Canadian to get you sloshed on Grey Cup Day besides whatever it is Canadian you usually drink you will not be disappointed.

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