6 July 2007

24 Hours

It was hotter than Serena William's ass cleavage down at the mill today. Looks like us union millworkers will not be spending the summer of 2007 in the sweaty cleavage milling up what is left of the coast's old growth forests that is not shipped to some other country. We will all be playing cards on the picket line, drinking beer at home or working for somebody else come Monday.

As I was getting into my car after work Rollie, as solid a union brother as you would ever like to smoke a bomber and have a few beers with, said, "There's only one thing better than the end of the day, Beer."

"A blow job?" I answered.

"We've known each other too long you dirty motherfucker."

"First beers of the strike are on me tomorrow fuckface."

"You're on asshole. The party starts in 24 hours."


jen said...

i'd buy you all a six pack if only i were closer.

but then it might need to be a 24 pack.

Hilde said...

Spinnennetz from Germany is speaking.
Try to find some nuggets after arriving in Whitehorse next month...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Jen. There are so few of us coastal forest workers left you could just about afford to buy us all a six pack.

Hilde. Throwing up my frazzled thoughts on the internet is rewarded well when a post receives comment from Golden Gate Fields and Bad Doberan.

If by nuggets you mean caribou shit or green gold you will have no trouble filling your pockets in Canada's north. In Canada every city is Dope City.