23 June 2007

Moving On Up

Tonight was a night for a celebration. Sonja was promoted and about fucking time. Too bad for us the place we usually do our celebrating has been closed due to accumulated liquor law violations. Sonja suggested we try, "That place we used to eat in years ago. I forget what they call it now." I agreed.

Since it was Sonja who got promoted I got to do the drinking while she got to do the driving. If you stick with what you are good at in life you cannot go wrong.

The parking lot was full when we got to the restaurant but we were early enough to be shown to a table quickly. We soon learned it would be wise to make a reservation if we were to return as the joint filled up soon after we were seated.

I liked the music, even if it was not up my alley. You cannot hear the Vibrators in too many restaurants around Dope City. What we got was some jazz, some blues and trip-hop that was not all about shooting up the 'hood.

The food was very good and very healthy. Beat the shit out of the Wet Spot. I had the catfish; Sonja had the wild salmon.

The service was very fast so I only had time for a couple of Stellas. The wine list looked ok but lacking in quality British Columbia reds. Fuck, there I go being polite again. They only had one red wine I would drink and enjoy, an Italian at about $60 a bottle. I can think of several B.C. reds I would have preferred for about the same cost.

I would have had a double Oban 14 before dinner, that's the shit motherfuckers, but it was dreadfully overpriced at $15 a shot. I think I will savour a couple doubles at $10 a shot next time I am at the racetrack instead.

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