18 April 2007

Original Six Stanley Cup

There was a lot of carrying on Steepleton High Street after the Canucks won their third game against Dallas. I could hear it as I walked the steaming Hammer in the amazing rain and hail of Canadian spring. Horns honked, people yelled, "Yaaaaaaaaaa!" girls showed their beer fed boobs and police sirens wailed. If the Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup we are going to have such a riot.

I have been figuring Detroit to reach the Stanley Cup Final from Dope City's conference. The addition of Killer Bertuzzi made them my favourite to win it all, if only I could bet on him staying healthy. The Eastern Conference finalist I could not decide. But tonight a team from New York scored a touchdown against Atlanta. It was the only statement game I have seen in the play-offs thus far. Perhaps we will have an Original Six Stanley Cup.

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