13 April 2007

The Dope Keeps Getting Better

Ran into J.J. at the pub after work. I never thought I was going to get out of the joint. I could barely drive home by the time we were done with the pub's beer. How J.J. could keep pounding the pints one after the other after his trips to the smoking section I will never know.

J.J. says, "Fuck man the dope people grow around here just keeps getting stronger. The shit around now would fucking drop you like Todd Bertuzzi dropped Steve Moore. I was having dinner at this [crap American steak house] last week and a pile of medical marijuana users smoked a couple with me on the sidewalk. The whole restaurant was filled with medical marijuana users. Fuck! I smoke good weed, always have, the fucking best, but the shit these motherfuckers were smoking would fuck up the most fucked up fuck up you can fucking think of."

"You mean," I asked J.J., "it would fuck up Luongo?"

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