19 February 2007

Sunday Drive

When you live to the east of the licorice madness of Dope City there are days, if you pay real close attention to the weather forecast, a much better day can be found outside of Jesus Loves the Little Motherfucking Children Land. Today was one such day and we planned to visit the city's Anarchist quarter today anyway. There we found sunny skies, a drastically warmer temperature and a people's spirit raised higher than their mortgage payments.

Despite my subtle hints that a beer might be good with lunch Sonja insisted we eat at one of her favourite vegetarian restaurants. That is what flasks are made for: uncivil establishments that do not serve what I like to drink with my lunch. And what could be more vegetarian than beer?

As we ate the Hammer sat peacefully tied to a pole outside, barking only at people who talked to her like she was baby. Which was just about everybody.

After that we picked up the sort of non-Dutch European groceries that are hard to find at home; spent some money in music stores (Motorhead, the Subhumans and Dylan's latest); and allowed the Hammer to visit with the asses of the many dogs parading around and the irresistible crotches of their not recently bathed masters.

We also stopped to watch a street hockey game organized on the busy street to protest our tremendously fucked up government's plans to widen the highway beyond the scope of common sense. Creative protests keep me optimistic about the future. If I see one more American flag burned at a protest I am going to vomit. It has been done to death folks. Burning flags in the Middle East may still give the hopeless masses a thrill but we are not those loons, are we?

We also saw posters promoting a future naked bicycle ride to protest the choking effect of cars on all of us. I predict there will soon be a naked road hockey game. That will be a courageous protest.

When we got home I took my dog to the park for some well deserved off-leash time. There she tried to jump into the sky to reach kites menacing the dark clouds.

Time for me to have a beer or twelve.

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