26 February 2007

First Blood

Used to be not many motion pictures were made around Dope City. That was before someone got the bright idea that maybe we should start growing the world's best dope indoors. Movie folk like their dope sweet and strong and pretty soon they started bringing their gunnysacks of money here.

Most of the movies that get made up here are crap. But then again most movies are. The movie I like best that was shot around here was First Blood, the initial Rambo movie. The natural backdrop for that movie's best bits are just the sort of places my dog and I like exploring. The green, wet, bug infested, machine gun happy wilderness of British Columbia. Come to think of it, the Grey Fox captured some of the same time honoured notions of Freedom that still set our province apart from much of the rest of the world.

A movie was being shot recently in downtown Steepleton where the whores, junkies and police are concentrated around here most days. There were loads of notices in the newspapers explaining why a couple streets would be shut down
and that we should not be concerned about staged explosions, the meat and potatoes of movies shot around here. Nevertheless, as I was returning home one day and tuned into the local traffic station the announcer read this bulletin, "There has been a major explosion of some kind in downtown Steepleton. Several streets in the area have been closed. Stay tuned for updates we will share with you just as soon they come in."

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