23 January 2007

Things to Look Forward to in February

Sonja is already talking about Valentine's Day. "Let's do this. Let's do that. Oh, come on Beer, it'll be fun."

The worst thing about Valentine's Day is it falls right when we should get a paid day off work but all we get is indigestion from a slick meal out and, if we're lucky, some spanking good punk rock sex. The good thing about Valentine's Day is it gives you a chance to make up for crashing your car into your garage when you drive home drunk from your buddy's Super Bowl Party.

Not that I do not love Sonja and the Hammer. The worst part about going to work is leaving them for the day. And the best part of the day is hearing Sonja greet the Hammer as she comes in from her day of work.

"How's my little cute'ums? Have you been good all day? Did Beer take you for a walk? He must have because you are so happy!"

I watched a little of the American version of Canadian Football on the weekend. It was better than usual. But the American's insistence of hanging on to the 40 second play clock, small playing field and fourth down will keep the entertainment value of the game down there in need of large amounts of good Canadian dope to keep an honest fan happy.

I will be very surprized if there is much in the way of scoring in the Super Bowl. By halftime I will be wishing I stayed at the racetrack as usual. Unless my massive bet on Indianapolis is looking good as in the bank that is.

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