24 January 2007

Every Breath You Take

There need not be much of a breeze for me to take a breath and smell America. Sometimes it smells like apple pie cooling on a kitchen window sill. Other times it smells like horse apples. I live close enough to America to listen to the drones purring in the endless sky.

I like the smell of Canada better. Old hockey gloves, stale beer, powerful dope, the Hanson Brothers on the stereo.

I watched the President of the Smell of America on my tv tonight. That country can put on one fuck of a show. They should have Mickey Rooney's face on the dollar bill.

It was the same President we have been entertained by for a half dozen years but his message was toned down this time around. He sounded like the leader of Canada's Liberal Party, if the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada had an army big enough to dig as deep a hole for his country as the American military has dug for its people.

I wish America well, for Canada is a great friend of America, for we too are in favour of Liberty. Liberty for one and all, not just for the warheads and their mindless tough guy act.


Ed said...

The important speech of the night was the response given by the fine new senator from Virginia, Jim Webb. We'll try to undo the damage these war mongering bastards have done over the past half-dozen years.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When I get home from work tomorrow I'll try and find a transcript of Webb's speech. Tell you what though, it was good to see everybody in the room with the President was not behaving like a trained seal, as usual.