3 December 2006

Phone Call From Someone Who Used To Drink a Lot of Beer, Whisky and Cheap Red Wine Like Me

What with all the snow and ice I have been sticking close to home so it was a relief to take my dog out of my small, backward city into the country where the snow has drifted into all sorts of eye-pleasing designs. There were deer tracks in the snow. The Hammer sniffed them up her black nose. The finches we shared the trail with were suffering with the cold. They waited until the last second to escape my dog's friendly advances.

Sonja's dad phoned just as I was feeding the Hammer after our walk in the crunchy snow. He is looking for a new car because his old one was written off after it tangled horns with a car driven by someone unfamiliar with how to handle a controlled intersection when the power goes out. "The fucking asshole never even slowed down. Beer, the government lets just about anybody into this country but half of them cannot drive a god damn wheel barrow, nevermind a car. When I got out of my twisted fucking car after the accident to ask the fucker what the fuck he was doing he could not even fucking speak or pretended not to be able to speak English. Dumb motherfucker.

"Now I have to buy a new car and all ICBC will give me for my old car is enough to buy a bus pass for a year. Assholes. The world is full of them.

"I've looked at a few vehicles but they have all been either too beat up or too much money. The dealerships are the worst - god damn Socred cocksuckers." Sonja's dad still thinks Bill Bennett is the Premier of B.C. "That cocksucker Bennett is still in control of everything from his bar up there in Kelowna. Asshole."

Sonja's dad likes to make out like he is poor but his pensions pay him more than I make working full time. And he does not drink any more because he spends as much on prescriptions as I do on beer. The economy is rigged to fuck us from the cradle to the crematorium.

Sonja came home while I was talking to her dad. He told the same story over to her as I sat down to see how the horses had run today. I played a few at Hollywood and a few standardbred races in motherfucking Alberta. I hit a couple at Hollywood and cleaned up on the standardbred races. Maybe I will start betting the pacers a little more, there was a time standardbreds were my game.

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