2 December 2006

999 Triples

I would like to write something about the 999 show I saw in Dope City a few years ago. Trouble is my punk rock memory has holes punched in it the size of the meth lab they just busted down the street from me. If you are young and as fucked up as I am consider keeping a journal. It will give you something to reference if you live longer than the expectations of your dealers.

999's "Homicide" was one of my old crew's favourite camping tunes. It was one of those great punk rock tunes that appealed to people who were still listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin on heads way up their dirty asses FM rock radio stations. When the chorus of the song began someone was sure to shoot a weapon or two into space. All I can remember of the show is Jimi talking tattoos with the band's bass player. English fuckers have, or at least had, the lowest quality of tattoos going during the years punk rockers became the first noteworthy group to start getting inked besides bikers, prisoners and military folk.

I am trying to remember what I was on at the 999 show. Could have just been scotch and hash. Could have been something better, something good enough to take before a Canucks' game. The bartenders at the hall 999 played in had a close relationship with me. I ordered my Johnny Walker in triple shots which my favourite bartenders free poured. And you could have lit up a three foot tall huka pipe in that joint and nobody would have gave a shit.

Now you cannot even light up a cigarette in the place without a hassle.

Ordering triples in the bar is the only way to go. Just make sure you hit the beer when you are done getting warmed up. In the bars before sporting events I liked to have a few triple black russians. That's why Dope City stadiums have alcohol free zones: to protect the skittish of drunk assholes public from drunk assholes like me.

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