13 December 2006

Chicken Cacciatore

The Hammer was just a little mucky when Sonja and I returned home with her after an amazingly warm walk in the mossy forest. At first she did not want to get near her doggy tub for a wash up but once she got near it she jumped right in and let me wash the crud off her. You never know what kind of a dog you are going to get when you buy a puppy. The Hammer is still a little wacky - and I do not mind a little wackiness from my dog - but when you get one that will jump into the tub without a fuss it is a pleasure. She will get one of her special bones tonight.

When I finished with her I put together a chicken caccitore. I had a craving for one and I have learned to never ignore a food craving - my body wants something that goes into the dish - probably the wine.

The Hammer is all nose when there is any kind of real meat being cut up on the counter. We eat so much vegan shit she probably expects us to keel over and die from a lack of meat at any moment. She pressed her warm, wet freshly bathed body between me and the chicken whenever she saw an opening. Maybe I will sneak her a piece of my meal when it cooked.

Pretty soon I think I will watch the Canucks take on the Coyotes on the tv. I do not watch many Canuck games, they are like watching a game of chess at the mall, but Gretzky only comes to town so often - I used to love watching him stick it to Canucks when he was with the motherfucking Oilers - he is still the Great One.

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