2 November 2006

Dope City Hall of Fame

Dope City is short on Hall of Fames. Besides the Hand Logging Hall of Fame, you do not want to miss it if you happen to be visiting the congested worldwide capital of dope, the Halls of Fame we have are lame as Todd Bertuzzi. There are a few second rate sports Halls of Fame and that is about it.

The Dope City Free Press has previously thumped its beer filled tub for the building of a Punk Rock Hall of Fame on the former site of the Bad Allah Cabaret. So far our efforts have yet to pay off. There is construction going on in every block of Dope City except the Bad Allah block.

Perhaps the Punk Rock Hall of Fame has too narrow a focus to bring the likes of Bruce Allen, Anne Murray and Mayor Ed Sullivan, who is wishing he had stayed with the crack smoking in his van instead of taking over city hall with his gang of wine and cheese partiers, on board the hall of fame bandwagon.

What I would like to propose is that Dope City open its scarred arms and welcome the Drug Users Hall of Fame on to the old Bad Allah site. Drug users, a demographic grouping larger than any other on Earth, have given this world so much and asked for so little in return except for a little rehabilitation now and then. Where would we be without the inspirational wisdom of the world's famous drug users? If not for the culture and invention of the drug user our world might look more like the World of the Taliban than it does already.

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