18 November 2006

2 + 2 = You Are Out of a Job

To be free one assumes the risks of freedom.

To have less liberty than a free man one assumes other risks.

I am a betting man and I will tell you what: the odds of bad shit happening to a free man are much more acceptable than the odds of bad shit happening to a man less free than a free man. And the less free you are the more likely it is the risks you assume as a slave will strike you down like a motherfucker.

Just ask the guys at the sawmill in Fort Royal who received word this week their mill is closing early next year. There had been sawmilling going on at that site for over 90 years. There has been no word out of the greasy lips of my bosses about the fate of my sawmill. But I know that a closure elsewhere buys my mill no time. For now what persists is rumours that my sawmill will soon too become part of the history of British Columbia.

Like anybody gives a shit about anything but the latest play station to hit the market.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to be beholden to 'the man' beer....screw that job....go to staples or wherever dope city folk purchase their office supplies...buy a three hole punch...print up the entire contents of this site, slam it together with some shiny brads and wait for the money. It will be a literary laugh riot... Well, in Canada anyway. Yanks? notsomuch....

or write an entire new porn laden mystery novel.... I know you can do it.

Hope your sister is okay
Hope Mrs Beer is an heiress

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Think Canada is ready for the other Mr. Hockey?

The porn laden mystery novel is unfolding on Parliament Hill every day. In today's chapter the Prime Minister explains to his wife why Belinda Stronach is so damn popular.

Looks like Kitty is going to be alright. She drank two bottles of my magic beer, got out of her wheel chair, promptly fell over, then asked for two more.

Mrs. Beer does not need to be an heiress. She is sitting on my lifetime of empties fund.