24 October 2006

Who's Next?

A lot of the evil American motherfuckers, both inside and outside the Texan led government, who have long supported the war on Iraq are suddenly coming to grips with the possibility they were mistaken. Most of the same sort of war-happy scum of the Earth likes of them here in Canada have already came to that conclusion because they did not have to rebel against an official government position.

Here at the Dope City Free Press we start with the idea that the GOVERNMENT IS ALWAYS WRONG! And if you are not sure which of the great seething sea of government ideas is the correct one to oppose choose the course of action being taken by the biggest government. This is not a fool proof philosophy but when you drink as much beer as we do around here a little simplification goes a long fucking way.

What, for instance, was the last time the American government did the right thing which resulted in a good conclusion for all? I am thinking maybe throwing their lot in with the cool countries like Canada who were doing their best to destroy a little fascism a couple generations ago. And the country that would one day drown us all in bullshit and Swiffers was damn slow joining that effort.

I am thinking America must be getting bored with their Iraqi province. There must be another fish they wish to fry on their daisy cutter campfire. Could be it is North Korea next in line but I am thinking they are not done bombing camels yet. Pakistan looks like it is due to feel the wrath of Texas in time for the next Presidential election. But choosing the next country to bomb the fuck out of for America must be like a starving stoner at cheap buffet choosing whether to pile his plate with fried chicken, jello or chop suey.


Ed said...

Two weeks now until the midterm elections in the U.S.

We’ll see just how many animal sacrificing, neocon, christians turn out to put the same bunch of thieving, page-groping fear mongers back in their lobbyist-lined offices.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The apparent rigging of elections in just about every jurisdiction they are held is making a mockery of democracy. I used to like to crack beer and watch the results add up on my tv like I do when a good hockey game is on. Too bad democracy is about as real a sport as professional wrestling nowadays.

Anonymous said...

put the crack pipe down and quite being a dickhead

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I may be able to lay off the crack pipe some but I am addicted to being a dickhead.

Anonymous said...