23 October 2006

Up On the Roof

This morning Sonja dropped a subtle hint that our house's gutters needed cleaning before she went out and had her toenails painted. "Beer, the gutters are so full of slime ... clean the fuckers up."

So I got up on the silver ladder and scooped black stinky slime from the gutters down onto the lawn. The Hammer thought this was great fun. She ran from splat to splat like they were wet horse turds falling from the sky. Getting my hands good and slimy reminded me of my days as a ditch dwelling Sliverville kid. I spent many a rainy day damming up ditches with muddy weeds and creating unsinkable navies out of bits of wood.

It was a good day to be up on the roof. The whole world looks a lot different from up there. People walking by on the street do not even notice you on the roof. People's perspective is close to the Earth.

I am happy I have a house. I did not always think I would own one. It just goes to prove that if you drink enough beer you can fucking do anything.

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