27 October 2006

The Smoky Hills of Sliverville

The opinions of individuals, and of consequence their desires, for desire is nothing but opinion maturing for action, will always be in a great degree regulated by the opinions of the community. - William Godwin
Listening to bluegrass on WDVX-FM like I am now harkens me back to my youth in Sliverville. Course the grass of the Sliverville of my youth was not blue until you inhaled like a whale does when it breaches and then exhaled the blue cloud of smoke in a great spluttering cough.

There was a great variety of dope available in those days. Most of it was Mexican dirt weed but sometimes you would get lucky and find some wild shit from any one of the far corners of the Earth. The nations of Thailand, Panama, Jamaica and Hawaii come to mind. Other times hash was smuggled into our beer loving country. Blonde Lebanese would reach Canadian hands via St. John's; good strong black Afghan hash would steam into Montreal. The Afghan hash was always the best. It is a shame what has happened to that beautiful country.

There was this other kind of pot called commercial. It was green and leafy and would not get a black fly high. Still, it was better than no dope at all. And sometimes it seemed like there was no dope in Sliverville. But there was always dope in Dope City.

I remember once being given a lid that was actually packaged in the lid of a tin of cigarette tobacco covered over with foil. It was good Red Columbian, a little seedy maybe, but more powerful than the American Revolution.

Other times pot oil or hash oil would become available. The quality of this product was hard to predict. The best oil was highly sought after. I always wondered what the fuck was really in that shit. Same went for the hash. I heard rumours of rat shit being ground into the hash.

One day after too many hours in the pub I was taken to someone's hillbilly place deep in the second growth woods of Sliverville. He had great hedges of pot growing. It looked magical but was good for nothing but spicing up your spaghetti sauce.

The Thai pot was probably the best back then. The fuckers packaged it real nice before they shipped it through Dope City into North America. It was worth every penny you paid for it. It must have pissed those Thai fuckers off when we brought our pot hedges indoors and showed the world of dope a thing or two.

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