28 October 2006

Michael J. Fox

On my coffee break today I listened to a re-broadcast of Michael J. Fox's interview with a tv talking shithead on the radio. Canadians who are sick sure have a way of drawing attention and research money to whatever illness they have. Michael J. Fox motherfucking rocks. He did everything but tell the the dumfuck President to wipe his shaky ass with his veto pen.

Sonja met Fox years ago when she was working in Bumblebee. Michael's parents lived near the shop and he was up visiting the Coolest Country On Earth while he was not shooting that lame prime time tv show he made a billion dollars from. He was not wearing shades or pulling any rock star shit when he was in the shop. Sonja did say he smelled a little like good dope though. Everybody in Bumblebee smells a little like dope though.

Fox's parents patronized that shop for years. I never heard a bad word about them. Bumblebee folk are the salt of the Earth.

There were other famous people who patronized the shop. One of them was Harold Snepts, maybe the best and ugliest defenceman to ever pull a sweaty Dope City Canucks jersey over his scarred head. Harold was wearing the mirror sunglasses and he smelled like beer more than I probably do right now. There were reasons why the Canucks did not do so good when they wore their ghastly yellow uniforms. I would still like to know what pharmaceutical help they had to overcome the hangovers when they went all the way to the Stanley Cup Final in '82.


Anonymous said...

FYI This good-doer of a X-Canadian has a charity for raising $ for his cause which funds animal testing -See the Human Charity Seal of Approval website http://www.humaneseal.org/

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Did somebody say seal?

Ash BC said...

I love Michael J. Fox...he's hot and talented, and seems very sincere in his efforts to find a cure and help people.

I also love your blog.

I checked it out a week or so ago, and was so happy, thinking, Yay, another great blog to read...

You're an amazing writer. I love how the beautiful, well-written prose is mixed with beer and tons of profanity.

Tis wonderful. :)

And also: You leave such thoughtful comments at my place. Thank you for that.

Thank you for caring.

Happy Sunday, Mr. Beer n. Hockey.
~ Ash

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am thinking of changing 2 + 2 to the Michael J. Fox and Anne Murray Fan Club.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said:
"I am thinking of changing 2 + 2 to the Michael J. Fox and Anne Murray Fan Club."

Great idea. I'm a big Fox fan too. And I like your writting style. It's certainly very refreshing.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If we Canadians bred people for greatness the way thoroughbreds are bred to win sweepstakes, Anne Murray would have been covered by Michael J. Fox many times over.