8 October 2006

Liquor Store Whores

Across the street from the liquor store two First Nation whores waited for business. Their pimp, squatted against the liquor store wall waiting and watching.

One of the girls caught my eye and asked, "Hey Beer, when is the last time you shot your load down my throat?"

I answered, "Fuck I don't know. I don't remember shooting my load down your slick throat so maybe it was the last time I drank three cases of beer. That was a while ago though. You must have been about eight years old then."

Both the girls scowled at me. The talkative one said, "You're an asshole Beer. How about you give us a beer?"

I reached into my bag and gave them a cold one. It was just cheap beer anyway. A couple condoms would have cost me more.

It would not be long before they were up to their tonsils in business anyhow. There are always people willing to support Canada's aboriginal people by having their dick sucked by a professional.

The boys outside the bar down the road smoked their cigarettes and laughed about whether they would have enough money left over to get their dicks sucked by the time they were drunk enough to not have an ugly whore's looks get in the way of a cheap orgasm.

At my side I swung a ten cans of PBR. My taste in beer is about as good as the bar crowd's taste in female company.

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