18 October 2006

The Great Canadian Beer

After my horrific light beer experience I had to do something to help me forget it. What I could really have used was some Carlsberg Special. Too bad that fine beer is not available in my local liquor store. Come to think of it, I must see if I can order some up. What I ended up buying was some Moosehead.

I have not had a Moosehead for decades which is a shame because it is a great tasting beer. I heard some place Moosehead is the last nationally distributed Canadian beer not brewed by a greed-mad motherfucking international corporation.

I just finished my first bottle. I need more. I am thinking I should have bought two cases instead of just one. Looks like Moosehead may be my new non-organic beer of choice.

Or maybe I just like saying Moosehead.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Know what I like saying? Creemore.

More Creemore... any Creemore. Discontinued in BC, as far as I can tell:-(