17 October 2006

Gabba Gabba Pray

I have received notification from my spiritual guide that on October 17 between 6:17 PM (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) until the following morning at 9:17 all our thoughts and emotions will be amplified 1,000,000 fold. That's louder than Motorhead motherfuckers.

Between those hours think FREEDOM and FREE BEER and FREE MARC EMERY. Canuck fans may also wish to pray for their team but I do not think 1,000,000 fold amplification will be sufficient to get them the Stanley Cup this year. It may, however, bring about some scoring by someone not playing on the Swedish Magazine line.


ted nugent said...

AMPLIFIED MY ASS! Nothing! ..I repeat... Nothing!, is LOUDER than MOTORHEAD.Cased closed.

Anonymous said...

"Free Marc Emery, overgrow the government"

"Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"

"Kiss of Death"

I'm feelin the amps