15 October 2006

4% Shit

I bought some light beer by mistake. I did not read the fine print on a variety pack being marketed by Okanagan Springs and I have been ambushed by three bottles of sickly light beer.

I drank the light beer quick and tried to think of the only time in my life I ever enjoyed a pile of light beer. I drank about 40 light beers at Jimi's stag so I would not black out and miss any of the fun. If I had been drinking regular strength beer I would have missed the cops storming the house we held the stag in. Somebody drinking high test called an ambulance when someone else drinking high test tested the strength of a wall with his head. The wall held up pretty good. When the cops heard head injury on the scanner they gathered force, took dead aim and attacked. Half a dozen of the fuckers stormed the upstairs; another half a dozen ran down the stairs.

Everybody was ok and the police were jeered like the Canucks in mid-January as they shuffled back to their cruisers without busting anybody's motherfucking head in the name of public safety.

I was drinking Miller light. Fucking ghastly stuff.

Besides the light beer I have had to pour down the old beer hole, the 9-pack contained a few India Pale Ales and some 1516. Nothing wrong with those. They are the minimum 5% a beer should be and still be called beer.


Nicole said...

I have a question for you.

My brother, who lives in Vancouver will only drink Kokanee beer. He claims that it tastes ..." Like an angel pissing on your tongue"

do you drink this beer and would you agree?

Myself, ALL beer is nasty. { sorry!!! :) }
The only beer that I have tasted and could muster a second sip was an ice cold heineken. My husband LOVES Rickard's Red and Honey Brown's.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is the kindest description of Kokanee beer I have seen for some time. The same Creston brewery makes a damn fine pale ale however.

Heineken on tap is one of my fave chugging beers. The Dutch do a great many things well.