19 September 2006


The door bell rang just as I sat down with the Hammer, Oprah and my first beer of the day. I put down my beer, grabbed the dog by her collar and went to the door. It was a cute teenage girl and her little friend who told me, "We're fundraising for Steepleton Pro-War Anti-Freedom Christian School. Would you like to buy some chocolates?"

I eyed the chocolates hungrily and told them, "I bet those chocolates would go with an ice cold beer like the Hells Angels and Harley Davidsons but no thanks."

The two girls began backing towards the street as soon as I mentioned Hell.

Motherfucking Christianity is a tax free organization that most of the people in my town send at least 10% of their income to yet they still send their children begging in the street for more money. If the fucking Church needs more money they should grow dope like everyone else. Assholes.

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