6 July 2006

Everybody Wants To Fuck the Finance Minister

The guys on the radio were talking about fucking B.C.'s finance minister this morning. Of course they did not use the word fuck. Even the hippy commercial free station would not use the word fuck and Carole Taylor in the same sentence for fear of offending the ancient fuck-word code. The radio conversation went something like this.

"Did you just say you would like to pleasure the finance minister?"

"I could not get my boots off fast enough."

"Are there any rumours floating around about her...abilities?"

"We could start some right now if you like."

"What have you heard?"

"I hear she is a Trailer Park Girl."

Used to be you could count on a man being the minister of finance. It was assumed a woman would blow all our money on new patterned drapes for hospitals and the legislature buildings. Could you imagine if radio talked about Dave Barrett the same way they talk about Carole Taylor?

Just the same, I think I had a dream about Carole Taylor myself last night. Gordon Campbell was in it too. Of the two, Carole Taylor looks better in a dress, in my dreams anyway.

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