12 July 2006

Beer World

Our interior decorator is here. Her name is Wanda. We would have a gay one like everybody else but this is Steepleton and gay Steepleton is not. So we have a lady. Her and Sonja are sorting out what is to be done with my kitchen. I wanted to paint it a cool amber so stepping into the kitchen would be like stepping into Beer World. Too bad for me my decorating opinion counts for as much as David Suzuki's does in Ottawa these days. Sonja said, "If it was up to you you'd peel beer labels off the bottle and stick them on the wall for wall paper."

Wanda picked some great colours for some of our other rooms. She is a pro after all. I have a funny feeling my empties are not going to pay for what is going to be done. How do I get on to one of those tv shows where you go fishing and beer drinking for a weekend and you come back home to a kitchen with a walk in beer cooler?

In my previous houses I liked a kitchen Sonja and I painted sunflower yellow; a living room that featured deep purple shag carpet; a bathroom that had the bathtub right across from the loo in case you really did not feel well; and a master bedroom with loads of neat little built in shelves the cats liked to sleep in.

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