21 June 2006

Win theThe Stanley Cup Or Else!

The Dope City Canucks have hired their new coach and everybody is scratching their itchy bits hoping if they scratch just the right spot they will think of something profound to say about the next curfew-happy motherfucker to try and do what only Frank Patrick has done before - win a Stanley Cup for the homeless and dope sick of our damn near sawmill-less town - not just dream about it.

I'm no expert (and I cannot remember anything after that cop's rubber bullet hit me in the head during the Riot of '94) but I think the tabernac they just hired is the first guy the team has promoted from their farm team. Give them credit for trying something new. After this guy the Canucks, if they have not changed their name that rhymes with sucks by then, ought to try a woman behind the bench. Think about it. By then they will have tried everything else.

What woman though? She would have to be Canadian as a first rate grow-op and able to get along with the Dope City Unfree Press as well as the Free one. I nominate Anne Murray. The nominations are closed.


JAN KRETIN said...

BEER!...You know all too well that the only thing these two have in common,is that they both have a cock.Anne?..Andy! can't possibly be the next best hope for the Great White North.Celine Dion is our true Saviour.Mon Dieu!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Freedom speech we like at the Dope City Motherfuckin'Free press. I must give full consideration to changing the name of 2+2 to something like "Anne Murray's Blue Veined Jerker Pumper Ready For Love".