27 June 2006

On Strike

Now that the union representing Steepleton's city workers has walked out I cannot go to my gym. You know what that means.

More beer for everybody. If you know any striking city workers, do something Canadian, buy them a lot of beer. And phone the motherfucking mayor. Let him know your neighbour cannot get into his gym and he is drinking too much beer and talking about going Hanson on this rubber boot town.

I drank so much beer during my first strike I had to move home for a spell. When I moved in I drank all my mom's wine. She was a little pissed off. "Beer, stay out of my wine or I will start smoking your dope. How am I supposed to go to work if I have no wine? I can handle having a son that drinks beer like a fucking German and smokes pot until he is stone crazy but stay out of my wine!"

Just as sure as shit comes out of the mouth of a politician I am going to have to stock the pantry with more beer for this weekend's England/Portugal love festival at the World Cup. This is the point in the tournament where both sides usually fall off the horse. Portugal looks to have the better form but England has been slowly improving. England will have to be at their finest in the streets and on the pitch to overcome the injury faking, violent, papist Portuguese motherfuckers. Frank Lampard simply must start sinking the football into the hemp hut.

Remember - True Canadians pull for England. Screw the Geezers.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you. Yes you better hurry and party now, because Portugal will BURY England on saturday!! Just watch.. we will make right on 66 and 86. There is no question that England will be wiped off the map on Saturday and put in their place. You stupid pothead.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Fuck me...England lose again to the injury faking Geezers...well good luck to them.