28 June 2006

How Many World Cups For Portugal So Far?

Being a supporter of Portuguese football must be like being a beerless fan of Dope City hockey. Except that the Millionaires won the Stanley Cup back when the world was flat; the Canucks made it to the Final twice; and Portugal has never won the World Cup or even made it to the finals. Let's face it: the Portuguese football team is the English national ice hockey team of football. Throughout history, in fact, the Portuguese have had their troubles, if I may be so charitable.

I can make fun of the English all day - but they have NEVER had a dictator. Maggie may have been the closest the English have come to having a Salazar of their very own.

I am not saying the Geezers will not make it to the Final in Germany. They may well do so based on their play thus far. But considering how the stupid pothead Dutch very nearly dropped them, despite some spirited Geezer play, I would not be so confident of a papist win against the Queen's Spicy Boot Boys. If it is how you play the game, not whether you win or lose that matters, the Portuguese impressed no one against the Dutch.

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