7 May 2006

Go Bears!

It was a rough day at the race track today. My pick in the Derby got beat like a college boy walking through Sliverville when the bars let out on a Friday night. Too many of my other runners came second. Luckily I played a straight up trifecta in the 10th at Hollywood which paid me back 40 times my investment.

On the way out of the track the crowd for the Western Hockey League Dope City Giants were streaming in. The Giants are riding a wave like a surfer who can handle his drugs that does not look to crash until they make the Memorial Cup.

Last night Sonja and I watched that movie about the California motherfucker who lives with grizzlies every year for a dozen years or so until he gets eaten alive. Fucking great movie. I do not see many movies I really like. Go get it. It is worth it for the music alone.

Go Bears!

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