18 May 2006

A Girl Named Sparrow

I sat down in the shade of one of the sawmill's buildings and had my lunch today. I had a couple blackberry jam sandwiches, an orange and banana muffins. As I was enjoying my lunch reading a beer magazine a young sparrow landed beside me. She had failed in her first attempt at flight from her nest high above me.

Mommy sparrow swooped down to see what the fucking problem was. Then she swooped away just as fast. I moved toward the bird and the bird half jumped and half flew into a hollow in the end of a load of lumber. She was freaked out - some of the old millworkers still catch what ever birds they can around the mill and eat them. So I talked to the bird to calm her down. She had the cutest grey blinky, blink eyes.

"Hey you cute little motherfucker. You don't have to be afraid of me. I won't eat you."

Then I broke off a piece of my banana muffin and gave it to her. She ate it fast as the Hammer chokes down her food. Then she took off and I never saw her again. Too bad I did not have any hash in my muffins like the old days.

It was a very meaningful relationship even though I did not eat her.

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