17 May 2006

Dope City Heat

When the weather turns as hot as it is here in Dope City right now it gets harder and harder to concentrate on hockey but easier and easier to concentrate on the beer.

My beer is sitting on a coaster right now. My dad made the coaster in his wood shop out of Newfoundland pine. The coaster is shaped like my dog.

The beer is in a green bottle. It is bubbling like a meth lab. Grolsch is still on sale at the liquor store. Go buy some motherfucking Grolsch. I have enough for the long weekend so I do not care how much you buy. Buy 12 cases.

I got caught in traffic tonight. There was a big gas leak or something so the fire department shut off the power for miles around. People seemed to be taking the outage and the traffic mess in stride for a change. I only fingered a couple people who were keeping me from my beer.

We are going to be fucked up so bad if there is ever a real disaster around here.

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