5 May 2006

Dope Money Like That

Brother Derek's post 18 assignment already has me leaning away from placing a win bet on him in the Derby. Even if I choose another horse to upset him it will be hard to lay off betting a horse of such unmistakable quality if it looks to leave the gate at 5/2 or so. More on that tomorrow night, if I can still type after having a final look see at the 20 entrants, or on Saturday morning, if I figure at the end of the day I had better sleep on it.

It has been several years since I picked the Kentucky Derby winner at any rate. My record is better in the fall when the World Thoroughbred Championship runs. My last pick was Bob and Beverly Lewis' Charismatic. Bob died this year. I will miss seeing his face in the crowd. He looked like a real classy motherfucker. He paid $150,000 to supplement Charismatic into the 1999 field. He won at 30-1 if memory serves. Must be something to have dope money like that to toss around.

When I was younger, after beer had taken hold of me but a little before horses became an interest, I used to get into my PJs, light up a powerful smoke and read Kerouac's novels as I listened to the Ramones on the stereo at night. Jack was like an older, more stoned, bi-sexual brother to me.

I read somewhere that when booze brought an end to Jack's life he was drinking two bottles of Johnny Walker a day. Try that some time if I do not like you. Most I ever poured down my throat was just about a 40 oz. bottle of Johnny. I just about choked on my vomit.

After eyeing a few new brands of bourbon my new liquor store is stocking I settled on an old bottle of Scotch and a box of Dutch beer to help get through Derby Day. What I like to do is get my bet down early, take the dog for a walk and watch the race at home on my ridiculously huge tv at home.

And by the way, pay no attention to what the tv commentators have to say about the horses in the race. If those motherfuckers know anything worth knowing they keep it to themselves. What you need to know is can the horse you want to back with your hard earned money handle the very demanding 1 1/4 mile distance. There will likely only be a few who are up for it on Saturday.

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