26 April 2006

Go Millionaires!

This morning on the highway near my exit I was crawling along 5 mph slower than the posted maximum speed when this human three day load flashes his high beams behind me repeatedly. Bukowski was right: if you want to see what people are really like watch how they behave on the highway. People are far more demented than they let on when they are out of their cars walking around. People are like Tom Fucking Cruise. They are. Bunch of motherfucking couch jumpers.

The Dope City Canucks gassed their coach today. Still no word on when the team is going to change its name to the Millionaires.

People are dying while they needlessly wait around hospital emergency rooms. The government's official response is we don't give a fuck!

The Dope City casinos are bringing in lots of old time rock shows to attract old time gamblers. Our city is more and more like Las Vegas. I like it. One of the casinos has even opened up a race book on its premises. I just may have to check it out. For those of you who go to the casinos - take the trouble to learn how to play the horses. If you have an imagination it just may be the sort of action you have been looking for all along.

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