22 February 2006

Whisky, Smokes, Coffee and Chicken Noodle

Some of the guys I have worked with over the years and a lot of the guys I work with now survive almost entirely on whisky, cigarettes and coffee. A big meal for the skinny motherfuckers is a bowl of soup. The alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and chicken noodles slip through their pores like puss through an open sore when they sweat. Not that anybody sweats much in the mill I work at. Machines do just about everything now. I'm sure the only reason the company keeps any hands around at all is to give them people to piss off.

Some of the guys prefer Coke or Pepsi to coffee. The poison in their bodies is notched up by the poison that leeches from their rotten teeth and gums into their stomachs.

I asked Rick how he does it today at lunch. Between drags on the cigarette he had just pig fucked off the first of his break and sips of hot thermos coffee he said, "Food is highly fucking over-rated. All it does is soak up precious booze and make you shit. If I did not have to fucking work I would hardly fucking eat at all and I would have to drink one fuck of a lot less coffee, just drink fucking rye and smoke at the bar, maybe play a few fucking pull tabs."

I said, "To somebody glancing at you walking down the street they'd think you are in great shape for an old fuck but really you are so fucking poisonous I have to back out of the shitter faster than I used to when my first fucking girl friend told me to pull the fuck out if you have been in there before me in the morning. Fuck."

"Fuck you Beer. A good fucking whisky shit in the morning and I am good to go all motherfucking day. At least I am not a fat cocksucker like you. And I never go to the fucking doctor like you do every fucking month or two."

"I've seen junkies in the back alleys of Dope City with more meat on their fucking bones than you."

"Fuck you you back alley junky fucker."

Rick thinks he is in perfect health. I guess he is if you call having black lungs, an irregular heart beat, a burning ring of fire for an asshole and a cupboard empty except for a couple cans of soup healthy.

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