24 February 2006

Camping in British Columbia

Henrik and one of his fellow camp counsellors were taking slugs of whisky and smoking cigars late one night after the kids had finally retired for the night. The rest of the world may have its bright spots but the best camping in the world is in British Columbia.

As the camp bugs pinballed in the dirt Henrik's drinking buddy said, "Today when I was waiting to use the shitter I listened to two boys talking to each other while they were shitting up a storm about how their dad took the biggest, noisiest, smelliest, blackest and longest shits of any dad on Earth. I fucking near died it was so funny."

Henrik said back, "What did the two kids look like?"

His drinking and smoking buddy replied, "The big one was skinny and blonde, his little brother was just as skinny with black hair."

Henrik smiled and said, "They're mine."

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