1 March 2006

What Are Those Boys Doing?

Other night when I was nearing the end of a tour of my dark neighbourhood I saw one of the neighbours who used to walk her dog until it died. She was getting out of her car. I said hi and took note of an unusual glint in her eye.

Then from the other side of her car a man much younger than her stumbled out of the passenger side of her car. He was shitfaced. My neighbour lady is a cougar! The glint in her eye was just like the look a cat gets when it has pounced on a mouse or one of my old dogs got when they had a mouthful of fresh rat.

I guess with all the divorces cougarism will only continue to rise. At dinner the other night my niece mentioned how, "All the boys are getting fucked all the time by the mothers of the kids in school."

Does that make those boys motherfuckers?

"Which of us is there who utters his thoughts in the fearless and explicit manner that true wisdom would prescribe?"

- William Godwin

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